Adjustable Sit-Up Bar

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  • CAN USED ON WOODEN FLOOR :This Ancgreen sit up bar for floor Could Use on Wooden Floors! not only apply to smooth floors such as tiles floor, marble floor, terrazzo floor, granite floor etc. We provide 2 pcs superglue patch for you, they can create a smooth surface on the floor with gaps or bumps such as wooden floor.

  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFE : The situp foot holder has thickened foam & two rows of support rods, more comfortable and safe than the original design which no support bar.Oval chassis & ulti-thickened rubber suction cup, stress area is large and more stable than the round version that chassis is narrow.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL :The sit-ups assistant device Helping you play sit-ups,push-ups, side kick,belly movement,stretching back,elbow plank,press-up,etc.Good to exercise your abdomen,reduce abdominal muscles and shape your body.three levels height adjustment meet different needs.

  • EASY INSTALLTION :The sit up floor bar is easy for home installation without any tools,find a clean and smooth flat ground first,(Add a little water can easy to sucking it on the floor).then put the sit up bar on the ground and pull down the lock.Last adjust the gear position to fit your feet. If your floor has gaps or rough surface, please apply the strong adhesive patch to build a smooth surface, and then install your sit-up device, you can start your exercise with confidence.

  • SUPERGLUE PATCH :The package include 2 pcs patch.You can leave one for use, or one for your office and one for your home. If your floor is too rough, it is recommended that two patches be stacked together. If you want to remove the patch, just heat it with a hair dryer and remove it easily without damaging your floor.

Adjustable Sit-Up Bar
Purple Double pole - $40.74
  • Purple Double pole - $40.74
  • Pink Double pole - $40.74
  • Single bar purple - $35.94
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  • blue Double pole - $40.74
  • black Double pole - $40.74
  • polepedal purple - $45.52
  • polepedal Pink - $45.52
  • gray Double pole - $40.74
  • Single bar blue - $35.94
  • polepedal gray - $45.52
  • Single bar Pink - $35.94
  • polepedal blue - $45.52
  • polepedal black - $45.52
  • Single bar gray - $35.94

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