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  • Timed and quantified 4 meals a day : Automatic feeding 1-4 times a day. Once it is set to 10g-200g, the feed that determines the time will be sent out. Just set this automatic feeder, you can control the correct amount of food and feeding time, balance your dog and cat.

  • 10-Second recording function : An automatic feeder for pets that can record messages for about 10 seconds. Use the recording function to bring peace of mind to pets.

  • Fresh feed at any time : A desiccant bag is installed on the lid of this product to protect feed safety. When not being fed, the food can can be sealed securely to maintain the freshness of the food.

  • 2 Ways power supply : AC adapter with power supply or 3 alkaline dry batteries on the 1st power supply. If there is no power, it will automatically set the feeder. To prevent duplicate sets, please insert batteries. In the event of a power failure, the battery can be switched for power supply.

  • 4.5L large capacity and transparent water tank : This automatic feeder has a 4.5L large capacity food tank and about 2.8 kg of feed. According to the pets food intake, it can be fed for 20 consecutive days. There is no need to worry about short-term business trips, travel, morning bedtime, etc



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